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ARRIVE hotels submit plans for additional four-story, 45-unit building in downtown Wilmington

ARRIVE Hotels and Restaurants plans an additional 45 rooms on South Second Street. (Port City Daily photo / Courtesy Google)
ARRIVE Hotels and Restaurants plans an additional 45 rooms on South Second Street. (Port City Daily photo / Courtesy Google)

The hotel and restaurant group has already purchased the former Wilmingtonian Inn and Hotel Riverwalk. Now it’s adding a new building with parking, retail, and more hotel rooms.

WILMINGTON — The ARRIVE Hotels and Restaurants is adding a new building to its collection of properties on South Second Street in downtown Wilmington.

On Thursday, ARRIVE submitted plans to Wilmington for a new, four-story, 45-unit building at 108 S. 2nd Street. The proposed building would border the Tarrymore Hotel and Tarantelli’s restaurant on one side and the Hannah Block parking lot on the other.

According to the submitted plans, the building would feature 15-parking spots on the ground floor along with two retail locations — one potentially identified as an ice cream store). The top three floors would contain approximately 50 hotel rooms (averaging 500 square feet each).

The building would be the latest addition to ARRIVE’s downtown holdings, which already include the former Wilmingtonian Inn (slated for opening next month) and the Dram Yard restaurant (already opened) on the corner of Dock and South Second streets, as well as the former Hotel Riverwalk.

Earlier this year, ARRIVE received approval from City Council to expand the capacity of the former Wilmingtonian after first proposing the plan in November of last year. At the time, ARRIVE claimed it had sufficient parking lots thanks to an agreement with neighbors and the parking at 108 S. 2nd Street. It’s not clear if the additional 45 rooms will require additional parking.

An ARRIVE spokesperson declined to answer questions about parking or plans for the new building or the Hotel Riverwalk, preferring to focus on the upcoming opening of the former Wilmingtonian.

“At this point, our focus and excitement is on the opening of Dram Yard and the upcoming launch of ARRIVE Wilmington in the next couple weeks. We are exploring options for future expansion of the hotel, and we will have more details to share down the road after we get additional feedback from the city and our neighbors,” according to Senior Vice President Heidi Baldwin Doak.

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