Saturday, July 13, 2024

Podcast August 24 – No love for lottery, creative accounting, Topsail sale

We start this week with a closer look at one family’s challenge to the ‘lottery’ used by the City of Wilmington to decide who can – and cannot – operate a short-term rental when competing rentals fall within a 400-foot area.

We lay out why the city decided to use the lottery and why it might be present a Constitutional violation — plus, how the regulation of short-term rentals in North Carolina, in general, may violate state law.

Next up, the City of Wilmington gets creative to handle the rising costs of its public-private River Place project. The city recently announced it would raid the parking fund to help pay for a public walkway leading into the development, adding it would pay that fund back by ‘value engineering’ the project. So, what exactly does that mean? We take a closer look.

Lastly, a massive 110-acre plot of land – including a mile of shoreline – on the southern tip of Topsail Island just went on the market for about $7.9 million. Conservationists want to save the land, but don’t have anywhere near enough money. So, if someone were to buy it, what would that mean? Can it be developed — and what would that look like?

We get into it.

If you missed any of these stories you can catch up below, then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

City of Wilmington’s short-term rental ordinance appears to contradict state law

Private property rights: Wilmington short-term rental owner appeals ‘unjust’ lottery system to no avail

Wilmington betting on ‘value engineering’ to reimburse $892,850 to be moved from parking fund to River Place

Two years later, Wilmington answers Riverwalk bathrooms questions, but no facilities just yet

‘Clarity’ and ‘simplicity’ cited as reasons for new noise ordinance, City Council passes it unanimously

No attempt to protect 110 acres of open land on Topsail Island after $7.9 million listing

Concerns voiced over 110 acres of open land on Topsail Island’s southern tip listed at $7.9 million

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