Saturday, April 13, 2024

Republican Justin LaNasa running for District 20 seat [Free read]

Republican Justin LaNasa is running for Representantive in District 20. (Port City Daily photo / New Hanover County Board of Election)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Republican Justin LaNasa will challenge incumbent Ted Davis for the redrawn District 20 which covers parts of Wilmington, as well as Ogden and Porters Neck.

Current District 20 representative Holly Grange announced in July she would run for governor; Davis was moved from his former District 19 during the redrawing process. As part of that process, Davis will be considered the incumbent in District 20.

LaNasa is a real estate agent and business owner, who runs Hardwire Tattoo and the Museum of the Bizarre. LaNasa is a veteran of the U..S. Army and Coast Guard. He is also a farmer, beekeeper, game and weapon designer, and children’s book author.

LaNasa said he had a long list of regional concerns, including making corporate polluters pay for water quality measures instead of residents. LaNasa’s other concerns include crime prevention, accountability in politics, developing hemp farming and the bio-plastic industry, ‘smarter’ energy sources, and transparency in local government and elections. LaNasa also said he wanted to address municipalities’ ability to adjust property taxes.

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