Sunday, March 26, 2023

Freeman Park daily passes available once again, some restrictions still in place

FreFreeman Park is once again open to daily visitors (Port City Daily/File)eman Park will only be open to season pass holders this holiday weekend (Port City Daily/File)
Freeman Park is once again open to daily visitors. (Port City Daily/File)

CAROLINA BEACH — Good news for those hoping to take day trips out to Freeman Park, daily pass sales have resumed after several weeks of restrictions only allowing season pass holders access to the beach.

According to a town press release, “Effective Friday, September 13, 2019, Town officials will resume the sale of daily access passes into Freeman Park for weekend visitors. Daily access passes will now be available for sale Monday-Sunday.”

The beach access was restricted due to erosion issues and overcrowding.

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“Unfortunately, the effects of tides and erosion still exist, and the northern areas of Freeman Park remain closed to all vehicular traffic. Intermittent closures could still be possible based on limited beach area and level of patron use. Public safety staff will perform assessments daily to determine when additional sections of the park can safely be opened, or if additional closures are required,” according to the release.

There are still several restrictions for visitors in place including:

• Camping will be limited to designated spaces south of the closure area. Campers with reservations are urged to call 1-866-330-7275 to verify continued availability.

• No vehicles are allowed past marked closures. Anyone driving past a designated closure will be issued a citation. Visitors of the park may still walk past closure points.

• No vehicle shall operate or park in the tidal zone (wet sand area).

• Lifeguards will only patrol areas of Freeman Park where vehicles are allowed.

• Intermittent closures are anticipated to occur due to limited beach area and level of patron use.

• Pending increased tidal surges, access to Freeman Park may result in additional restrictions and closures.

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