Friday, March 24, 2023

Special Series: An in-depth video look at displacement in Pender County (limited-time free read)

Editor’s note: Three months after Hurricane Florence caused widespread flooding in the region, many residents near the county’s rivers are still living in tents and camp trailers. Port City Daily traveled with local activist Jennifer Witkowski, who recently founded the nonprofit Pender Strong, to get their stories.

Pender County officials have since protested media coverage of the storm-recovery process, denying responsibility for delays and saying that residents were “confused” about the county’s role in permitting. We’ve included their response here, as well.

All the articles in this series are free to read from now through Dec. 31 as an example of the kind of investigative, in-depth reporting you can expect from Port City Daily.

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Displacement in Pender County series

Part One of our video series takes you into the life of Rocky Point resident Mary Turcotte, who explains the sadness she has felt over lost photos and family belongings –– those possessions that can never be replaced.

Displacement in Pender County, Part One: ‘It’s all gone now’

Part Two of our video series takes you into the life of Burgaw resident C.J. Spencer, who explains the bureaucratic barriers she is now facing after her home was destroyed by floods after the hurricane. The most challenging: county permits, inspections, and a FEMA trailer that sits idle as she waits for the federal agency to hook it up to the electrical grid.

Displacement in Pender County, Part Two: Idle FEMA trailers and county permits

Part Three of our video series explores the uphill climb Burgaw farm owner Stephanie Kramer has faced with her FEMA trailer, which sat idle for a month before she was allowed to move in Tuesday night.

Displacement in Pender County, Part Three: ‘Nobody really has one finger on it’

Pender County officials angrily denied they were responsible for delays and other issues related to storm recovery.

Pender County officials deny responsibility for trailer, building permit delays three months after Florence

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