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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ICYMI: Alleged child rapist gets 95-percent bond reduction, Wilmington and Leland encourage major development

Catch up on the stories that got people talking this week.

Just a few blocks from the Cape Fear Country Club, and across the street from the Independence Mall, two men were running a serious heroin operation. READ MORE

3,000 bags of heroin, two stolen handguns, two men behind bars on $5 million bond each

Rarely used, the Special Assessment District would allow a Leland developer to pass the cost of infrastructure improvements onto future homeowners and, potentially, get paid up front by the town itself. READ MORE

Developers build now, property owners pay later: Brunswick Forest’s Special Assessment District

Originally booked on a $1 million secured bond, a judge lowered the alleged child rapist’s bail to $50,000. Police said they were surprised. The prosecutor was more direct. READ MORE

Alleged Leland rapist released after District Judge drops bond from $1 million to $50,000

We’ve covered how – and why – the ABC store on Wrightsville Avenue is being moved. But it’s only one part of a complicated effort to bring a major mixed-use development to Wilmington. READ MORE

City Council vote is latest step in paving the road for Wrightsville Ave ‘Galleria’ project

If approved at the county level, this 3,000-mile walking and biking trail would pass right through the Wilmington area. READ MORE

Nation’s largest walking and biking trail could be coming right through Cape Fear area

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