Thursday, March 30, 2023

Anonymous donor picks up $2,800 cafeteria tab at Myrtle Grove Middle School

IMG_0993WILMINGTON — Myrtle Grove Middle School Principal Sam Highsmith was in excellent spirits today after learning that nearly $3,000 in cafeteria bills had been covered by an anonymous donor.

“It was a blessing, an amazing, shockingly unexpected thing,” said Highsmith. “It can as a real surprise, but – yes – that did happen.”

Myrtle Grove students pay as they go for cafeteria meals, but the families of some students fall behind on payments. Highsmith said the school makes every efforts to help families but sometimes they simply can’t keep up.

“We do what we can, you know, we’re not a collection agency,” Highsmith. “We always work with the families, but for the 740 students here, there was nearly $3,000 in unpaid bills. But, not anymore.”

Highsmith said he heard from employees in the cafeteria that a check for approximately $2,800 had been dropped off earlier on Wednesday. The administration at Myrtle Grove Middle School did not reveal the identity of the donor, who reportedly wished to remain anonymous.

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