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In Pictures 2020: The pandemic, protests, an election year and a hurricane [Free]

A young boy salutes Air Force One as it lands on the tarmac at Wilmington International Airport. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. — It may be already cliché to describe how odd 2020 was, so perhaps we’ll just show you.

This year marked a strange time for Port City Daily photojournalists, who had to find creative ways to capture a pandemic that was, at first, mostly invisible.

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For weeks, the region camped out at home, leading to empty streets and swimming pools on days both should have been full.

Once the population emerged, we were spaced out, with new cloth coverings sheilding two-thirds of our ususal expressions.

Besides the pandemic, it was an election year — an election year that prompted more than a handful of in-person visits from the nation’s first family.

There were also daily protests over the summer, a localized movement inspired by the national uprising against the killing of George Floyd.

And let’s not forget the hurricane, which walloped Oak Island and the rest of Brunswick County’s coastline — all of which will likely prompt local officials to readjust evacuation and safety protocols for years to come.

Below, scroll through more than 100 carefully selected images that Port City Daily photographers Mark Darrough, Johanna F. Still and Alexandria Sands captured.

In Pictures: 2020

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