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Where We Live: On the water, away from the ‘hustle and bustle’

This residence is right on the water, but without the "hustle and bustle" of some neighboring beach towns.

MYRTLE GROVE — Where Wilmington bumps up against the Intracoastal Waterway, you’ll find the area of town known as Myrtle Grove — 7.3 square miles that are primarily traversed by Myrtle Grove Road and Masonboro Loop. Living here provides easy access to Wrightsville, Pleasure Island and the Intracoastal, which makes up its easternmost border.

Just before the intersection of Myrtle Grove Road and Masonboro Loop, sits the entrance to Tangle Oaks on Marina Club Drive. Centuries-old oak trees dot the neighborhood where established single-family homes sit tucked away neatly into the wooded surroundings.

Continue to the end of Marina Club Drive and you’ll enter a waterfront Townhome community. 5431 Marina Club Drive #25 is located here: A four-bedroom, four-bath home with a garage and a 30-ft boat slip right out the back door.

Homeowners Andrew and Maya Isenhour describe the home best, “The exterior is very modern, but we’ve gone for more traditional lines inside.  We like to think it’s warm and welcoming as it’s definitely been filled with love and laughter. With the exceptional layout, plenty of space and renovation, we believe this is the best townhouse neighborhood in the area. Tangle Oaks is simply the hidden gem of townhouse living in the Wilmington area.”

When asked what attracted them to the neighborhood, Andrew Isenhour said, “We fell in love with the ease of Townhome living. Tangle Oaks has one of the strongest neighborhood HOA’s around, so all outdoor maintenance is included and everything is maintained extremely well. You get the benefits of coastal living without yard work and upkeep. The neighborhood in general also originally attracted us. You can immediately tell everything is well maintained as you enter the premises.  From the lush greenery in the common spaces to the stunning live oaks; it has a resort like feel as you drive through.”

Community amenities include the 30-foot boat slip, pool, and two tennis courts. There are also social events throughout the year, such as a 4th of July parade, a chili cook-off, and cookouts.

With water access right out their back door, Andrew and Maya Isenhour have made the most it whether it is paddle boarding, kayaking or taking the boat out for a weeknight spin.

“Tangle Oaks is outside of the normal hustle and bustle of Wrightsville Beach or Carolina Beach but only a quick boat ride away.  What’s better than jumping on the boat in the middle of the week to go grab dinner on the water? Living in Tangle Oaks has been like living the vacation lifestyle every day,” said Maya Isenhour.

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