Monday, April 22, 2024

In Pictures: Carolina Beach on a Thursday Night

A weekly photographic look at what makes our area special.

CAROLINA BEACH — A summer evening on a Thursday night in Carolina Beach is a spectacle: thousands of tourists holding ice cream cones and balloons along the boardwalk, the bright neon colors of the Ferris wheel and carnival rides flashing down on Canal Street, and beer drinkers on bar patios all over town watching the 9 p.m. fireworks show – the last one of the year is August 30th. Local residents cruise the streets in custom golf carts while cyclists ferry tourists from bar to bar in the back of their pedicabs.

As Joanne Thomas took a break from her barroom duties at the Olde Salty to watch the fireworks out on the second-floor patio, she said that Carolina Beach offers an entirely different vibe than the quiet, upscale Wrightsville Beach.

“It’s so great, everybody is so friendly, so open and casual. We get a lot of people from Wilmington down here to watch the fireworks, a lot of families. It’s great that they do the show; it’s a great community down here,” Thomas said.

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