Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Podcast Dec. 7 – Wilmington shootings, Live Nation, DIY (dynamite it yourself)

We start this week with a series of shooting that has left a half-dozen people injured (three seriously). We reached out to the Wilmington Police Department for a recent update, but it remains odd that — given the number of shootings — there have been no public statements from the city or the police.

We also get into the role of Tru Colors in one of these incidents, as well as the sensitive subject of where, exactly, ‘downtown’ Wilmington is — and when it’s appropriate to say a shooting happened downtown.

Next up, we get into the latest between the City of Wilmington and Live Nation, in particular, some hard-to-reconcile differences between what officials said in 2018 and what they’re saying now.

And lastly, we’ve covered flooding in Carolina Beach, and the town’s different approaches to the problem. But one thing we haven’t gotten into is why the island floods so badly — -and why it’s an island in the first place.

Hint: it involves dynamite.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below:

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