Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Beer talk: Milkshake IPAs, women, and evolving demographics in the craft beer world

A multimedia take on the changing demographics of Wilmington-area taprooms.

WILMINGTON — In a beer industry once dominated by men, Wilmington Brewing Company is now catering to a growing number of women in their taproom.

Listen to Michelle and John Savard (above), owners of Wilmington Brewing Company, discuss the popularity of milkshake IPAs and the changing demographics of their consumer base.

“I think the stereotypes are changing just by the number of women coming in, and they actually like beer. I don’t think it’s as much teaching women about beer anymore — if they’re coming in now, they already know what they like,” John told Port City Daily.

And it’s the growing diversity of tap lists — a broader net, as John said — that’s changing the face of America’s taproom, where the family vibe is becoming the new norm.

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