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ICYMI: Most read of the week, living wage, historic Masonboro, and more [Free]

SOUTHEASTERN, N.C. — Affordable housing is at the forefront of local officials’ priorities. The potential for the City of Wilmington or New Hanover County to take some formative action to address the region’s crisis is looking high.

Earning enough to live in the region is top of mind among readers too. Last week, Port City Daily’s top-read story addressed the question of a living wage, a term used to define how much someone has to earn in order to sustain themselves.

More often than not, a living wage is higher than the minimum wage, leaving a gap for low-income individuals who are barely scraping by.

Sometimes, those individuals work for public entities, like in the case of a New Hanover County Schools custodian, who told Port City Daily she makes less than half of a living wage to cover her and her daughter’s expenses.

There’s a couple bills brewing in the General Assembly to raise the minimum wage, but nothing is certain.

What’s a living wage in New Hanover County?

When you think historic districts, most people’s minds go straight to downtown Wilmington. But there’s an off-the-beaten path historic district off Masonboro Sound Road that calls many distinguished, historic structures home.

The district isn’t shielded from new development — a gap Historic Wilmington Foundation is hoping to change.

Masonboro Sound Historic District: An ‘oasis of extraordinary beauty’ threatened by clear-cutting development

A large oak tree sits at the entrance of the Live Oaks mansion, built in 1913 of coquina – tons of sea shells were mixed and pressed into concrete for its walls. (Port City Daily/Mark Darrough)

News that Netflix was shooting a movie in the area’s beach towns spread quickly. The film began shooting in Oak Island, Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville Beach, mimicking the fictional beach town, Colby.

Based on the Sarah Dessen young adult novel, “Along for the Ride,” Colby was inspired by Emerald Isle.

Here’s who’s starring in Netflix’s ‘Along for the Ride’ in Wilmington, and how you can too

The former TheaterNOW is transforming into The Sorrow Drowner, a dinner theater spot off 10th Street.

Plans include expanding dining options and offering an upscale bar menu. With the help of a Disney Imagineer, the two-story space will be decked out with adventurous decor.

Former dinner-theater spot transforms into ‘tiki noir’ adventure club, with Disney Imagineer touch

A beloved local shop announced it would soon close its doors. Known for its ability to spruce up SPAM and make killer sandwiches, Detour Deli was a must-stop spot on Red Cross Street.

Locals lament the closing of Northside hotspot Detour Deli

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