Monday, March 27, 2023

After initially announcing Plan B, NHCS Interim Superintendent now wants remote-only start instead

NHES Superintendent Dr. Del Burns announces the district’s Plan B approach to reopening schools during the Covid-19 pandemic on July 15. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna F. Still)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — One week after announcing the New Hanover County School District will adopt a blended in-person and remote learning approach to the quickly approaching academic year, Interim Superintendent Dr. Del Burns has a new recommendation: open instead with a remote-only approach.

Burns will make his recommendation that NHCS open under Plan C during the Board of Education’s interim meeting Tuesday, July 28, first announced Thursday afternoon.

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Remote-only learning will last through the first grading period under Burns’ recommendation on Oct. 2. To be implemented, the recommendation must be approved by a majority of the school board.

A staff survey conducted and analyzed before last week’s Plan B decision indicated that half of faculty did not want to return to school in-person. About 8% indicated they would quit or use leave to avoid returning in-person. With approximately 3,500 employees, that would represent a loss of at least 280 staff members.

The plan announced last week included the use of three groups districtwide that would alternate between one week of in-person instruction and two weeks on remote learning.

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