Saturday, February 4, 2023

Delayed by Florence, done in by Dorian: Marsello’s closing its doors following hurricane

Marsello's Restaurant is now open on the corner of Front and Water Streets. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)
Marsello’s Restaurant had a short run in Wilmington opening in the end of May and closing its doors in Septmeber. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

WILMINGTON — Hurricane Dorian might have only caused minor damages to the Wilmington area, but for one local restaurant, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

“We are glad to see that Hurricane Dorian’s damage remained minimal this past week. Unfortunately, at 2 Market Street, we have seen damage from the storm that will further hinder our business. It is the heartbreaking and ironic reality that our story begins, and ends with a hurricane,” according to a Facebook post from the store’s owners.

Marsello’s was supposed to open in time for Halloween last year but Hurricane Florence had different plans; the storm caused plenty of damage and delayed the opening of the pizza spot. The store finally opened Memorial Day weekend of this year.

“We thank you for your continued support and helping us get this far. We genuinely loved meeting our guests and getting to know the community. We set out to make everyone who walked in feel as though they were part of our family. Being Italian it is in our nature to feed and entertain people, all people – and we will truly miss seeing guests fall in love with our cuisine and our family,” the post read. “To our regulars, who didn’t get the chance to say goodbye – the impact you have made on us as people, business owners, friends, is impossible to put into words. The amount of love that has been shown to us is truly humbling.”

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Marsello’s found lots of support from other local business owners, especially those on the same block, but ultimately, storm damages and other setbacks proved to be too much.

“To local business owners – the amount of support you have shown the new kids on the block is overwhelming; your kind words that kept us persisting through our tough times, the business that was sent our way (The Black Cat Shoppe, THANK YOU!!!),” the Facebook post read.

“To our staff, while we’ve already spoken with all of them, this would have been impossible without all of you. We can not thank you enough for giving us a chance, showing up every day, working diligently and becoming an actual part of our family, today and forever. While closing is heartbreaking to all of us, this journey will be held near and dear to our hearts for the rest of our lives,” it continued.

Although the restaurant is going away, the post did offer some hope in its ending hinting at a ‘comeback.’

“Keep an eye out for our comeback season, hopefully without all the wind and rain next time,” the post concluded.


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