Saturday, July 13, 2024

ICYMI: County pays FBI fugitive in land deal, plus major traffic increases and more

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The Superior Court of New Hanover County just cut a check to one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists – a fugitive who escaped from jail after executing a New Jersey State Trooper. How did this happen? READ MORE

County court brokers land deal, cuts $15,000 check to Assata Shakur, one of FBI’s most wanted

The CenterPoint development is planned for a 1-million-square-foot area at the intersection of Eastwood Road and Military Cutoff Road. The project was first proposed last year, but only last week did the city officially release the official traffic report, detailing how the development will affect traffic. READ MORE

Engineer’s report: Traffic delays could increase 186 percent; no major changes to plans needed

Dr. Kristen Colleran said she was harassed while volunteering for a non-profit. The state, the federal government and even the ACLU said they couldn’t help her because of a loophole in state and federal law. READ MORE

She says she was sexually harassed. Then she was told there is nothing anyone can do

Last year, Marine Corporal Edwin Estrada was killed in a downtown Wilmington shooting. Recent autopsy reports show the fatal bullet struck him in the back. State representatives weigh in on the law, which state Attorney General Joshua Stein has called overly broad. READ MORE

Shot in the back – legally. State reps talk ‘Castle Doctrine’

The town of Carolina Beach wants to buy land parcels near Freeman Park. However, the town’s offers are much lower than recent sales, often by a factor of 30. READ MORE

What’s Carolina Beach offering Freeman Park LLCs for properties? Their assessed values

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