Thursday, February 29, 2024

ICYMI Nov. 19-25: Marine shooting mystery, impervious development, safe snacking for pets

Headlines come and go faster than ever. Check out the stories people were talking about in this week's 'In Case You Missed It.'

Thanksgiving is usually a slow news week, government officials are checked out and many projects get put off to the following week. Not so this week: from a puzzling downtown killing to new developments, it was a busy few days.

The killing of Edwin Estrada, a Marine Corporal, continues to generate more questions than answers. The unnamed man who shot and killed Estrada called in the incident to dispatch, identifying himself as a business owner defending against an intruder — but there’s only one business at the address where the killing happened, and it belongs to a female optometrist. Police obviously know who the man is, but haven’t released any information or made an arrest. READ MORE

Military Cutoff Road already has several major projects planned, including the massive CenterPoint project at the intersection with Eastwood as well as The Avenue, a project which temporarily withdraw its request after angry residents descended on a city planning meeting. The latest projects propose to replace the recently condemned Wheel Estates mobile home park. READ MORE

The developers of the ‘Cargo District’ have ambitious plans, including apartments, work space, and a food truck park, all based around shipping container construction. The first phase of the project is now open, giving the public a taste of what the future holds for the area. READ MORE

In urban planning lingo, “impervious” development refers to the portion of a property that is covered with hard surfaces – concrete, asphalt, buildings – that don’t allow the ground to absorb water, and instead create runoff. While the city recommends keeping impervious development to a minimum, especially around watersheds, it seems most developers find ways around those recommendations. READ MORE

Lastly, we learned that the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest for animal hospitals and veterinarian offices. The main culprit? Snacks from holiday meals. As we head further into the holiday season – which is also the holiday meal season – here are some good guidelines for safe pet snacking, and important info on what to do if your pet overdoes it, or gets a hold of something they shouldn’t. READ MORE

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