Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tracking development projects in New Hanover County

Checking in on new development projects and requests that will soon be heard in front of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners.

Preservation Point

The developers behind Preservation Point — a project located west of the Wilmington International Airport that includes a 7-acre private island — own industrial-purposed land directly south of the subdivision. The developer is seeking to rezone the 54-acre industrial plot to add the space to the residential subdivision, but according to notes from county planning staff, no additional lots would be built on the extra land. Staff notes also say the “vast majority of the subject site is marshland.” 

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The area enclosed in red is industrial land located south of the Preservation Point subdivision, which the developers wish to have included in their existing site. (New Hanover County staff)

Originally approved for 98 lots, Preservation Point’s previous Special Use Permit expired after delays in obtaining approvals related to the Coastal Area Management Act. At this point, the project’s website reports its “grand opening” date was Oct. 31 of this year. Also in early 2020, the developers secured a SUP for a boat dock and boardwalk connected to the private island aspect of the project, which includes a community boating facility. 

Gordon Road Storage 

On the far west end of Gordon Road, adjacent to its intersection with Interstate-40, a “potential conditional rezoning application” has been floated to allow for a “mini-warehouse business,” according to internal county staff notes. The area is currently zoned for residential use, and would require the eventual approval of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners. Staff notes also say the access to the storage business would be shared with an existing Buy Quick gas station. 

Plans have been floated involving a conditional rezoning request that would allow for a storage facility on the west end of Gordon Road. (New Hanover County staff)

Snow’s Cut Mobile Home Park

The Snow’s Cut Mobile Home Park is seeking a SUP to expand its existing territory, which is located nearby the Snow’s Cut Bridge to Carolina Beach, and just north of the Snow’s Cut Park. 

The Snow’s Cut Mobile Home Park is seeking approval on plans that would expand its number of camp sites, and allow it to accommodate more RVs on the property. (New Hanover County staff).

The Mobile Home park is currently approved to house 44 spaces and camp sites for RVs, and if the new request were approved, about 28 new RV camp sites would be added. The mobile home site exists on a 4-acre lot. The board of commissioners is slated to hear the proposal during its meeting in early January. 

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