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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Podcast August 17 – ‘Oak tree you’re in my way,’ plus more allegations and issues in NHCS

We start this week with by checking up on a story from last week involving cars getting towed from the Elderhaus property neighboring the Hugh Morton Amphitheater at Greenfield Lake.

For years, concert-goers have parked there without incident (provided they don’t leave their cars overnight). Recently, they got a rude surprise, returning for the vehicles to find them towed — and owing $200 in cash to get them back.

We’ve been told it was a misunderstanding, and Wilmington police say no laws were broken. Still, we may not have heard the whole story.

Then, some good news, and an important reminder that public outcry can not only get the government’s attention (at least on the local level), but also encourage meaningful change. Yes, we’re talking about the Live Oaks in Ogden – some of them 250 years old or more – that were saved from being bulldozed. What happened, and what’s next? We’ll get to that, too.

After the break, two stories from the New Hanover County School system. First, Superintendent Dr. Tim Markley (and other top administrators) accused of using intimidation tactics on parents who brought complaints to the school. Markley denies the accusations of multiple parents who says he contacted their employers to try to keep them from pressing their cases.

And, a development in the case of former NHCS employee Nicholas Oates, who was arrested a year after resigning for having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student who attended Myrtle Grove Middle School where he worked. Now it appears Oates had a history of alleged violent assaults on women. While the school didn’t know all of the details, they weren’t in the dark, either. So how did he get fired — and does it have anything to do with Dr. Jerry Oates, former NHCS Principal of the Year and current Brunswick County superintendent?

We get into it.

If you missed any of these stories you can catch up below, then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Wilmington police: Towing near Greenfield Lake Amphitheater was allowable, Elderhaus had contract with company

Commissioner responds to oak tree threat: ‘We should strive to be more like Charleston … less like Myrtle Beach’

UNCW professor accuses New Hanover superintendent of intimidation, asks for Markley to be ‘fired or asked to resign’

Former NHCS employee had history of alleged violent sexual assaults against women before he was hired


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