Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Podcast October 6 – Live Nation questions, draconian tree punishment, FEMA issues, and more

We start this week by talking about the city’s ongoing relationship with Live Nation. The city official in charge of Greenfield Lake has said there are no current plans for Live Nation to take over operations of the city’s venue there, and that there have been no conversations about the issue since the beginning of the summer. Based on city emails, that’s demonstrably false. In addition, an interoffice memo, dated September 5, details a $2 million plan to give Live Nation operational control of the venue.

Next, we look at the story of a Wilmington man who was fined over $3,000 and ordered to plant 25 trees after he cut down six trees, fearing they would fall on his property. In the past, we’ve seen several major developers negotiate similar fines with the city, but when this man took his case before Wilmington City Council, they said only that he could appeal through proper channels.

After a break, it’s time to talk about federal funding — and what it really means. First, we talk about over a quarter-billion dollars of federal money designated for Hurricane Matthew victims that still hasn’t been released. Then, we talk about the funding being released for survivors of Hurricane Florence. One major issue: federal money often isn’t enough to ‘make people whole,’ averaging between $3,000 and $4,000. Another issue: federal money often isn’t a gift, it’s a loan that has to be paid back.

Finally, it’s time to talk about elections. We take an overview of the campaign contests we’ll be paying particular attention to. Also, we take a look at the state’s controversial — but often poorly understood — constitutional amendment referendums. On the ballot, they won’t have much explanation, so best to be informed before election day.

Miss any of the stories we talked about this week? Catch up on these articles below, then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

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FEMA ‘can’t make you whole,’ and receiving federal recovery funding can mean going into debt

Two years after Hurricane Matthew, North Carolina has distributed almost none of its HUD recovery funds

State referendums would take rights from citizens and governor and give them to legislators

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