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Tips and emergency contacts for the winter storm

SOUTHEAST N.C. — The Cape Fear Region is under a winter storm warning; Port City Daily has compiled a list of emergency numbers for residents.

In the event of an emergency, calling 911 first. Non-emergency numbers are below.

Dressing for the weather

Emergency Management Director for New Hanover County Steven Still offered residents several tips for residents facing the cold weather and potential ice and snow. Dressing warmly is of course, the first thing Still recommended.

“If you have to be outside, wear multiple layers of thin clothing instead of a single layer of thick clothing. You’ll be warmer and you can easily remove layers to remain comfortable,” Still said.

Power outages

In the event of a power outage due to the cold weather, Still recommends having auxiliary heating sources available.

“In case you lose power, have emergency heating equipment and fuel available. A gas fireplace or wood burning stove or fireplace is the best source of heat. Never use a grill or camp stove indoors for heating or cooking. The fumes can be toxic. If you use a generator, make sure it is outside of your home and away from windows or doors,” Still said.


When it comes to driving during the storm, black ice and snow can cause a major hazard to drivers, and avoiding the roads if possible is recommended.

“If possible, do not drive during the storm. If you have to be on the road, leave plenty of room between you and other cars, and approach all bridges will caution because they tend to accumulate ice first,” he said.

Below are a list of websites and other contact information to stay up to date on the winter weather:

Weather preparedness

National Weather Service Wilmington

Up-to-date weather information


News and information from the state of North Carolina Emergency Management

New Hanover County

Emergency Management Severe Weather page

Power outages

Duke Energy Progress

Brunswick Electric Membership Cooperation

Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation

Dominion North Carolina Power

Water utilities

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer (H2GO)

  • 910-367-1537 (After hours water emergencies)
  • 910-367-2084 (After hours sewer emergencies)
  • 910-371-9949 (Business line)
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Brunswick County Utilities

  • 910-253-2655 (Customer service)
  • 910-253-2657 (administrative offices)
  • Webpage

Pender County Utilities

Closings and cancellations can be found here.

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