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Copper Penny gives patrons a reason to drink on Tuesdays: helping others

The Copper Penny has partnered with local charities to donate a portion of sales on Tuesday's - this month it's Nourish NC (Port City Daily photo/COURTESY COPPER PENNY)
The Copper Penny has partnered with local charities to donate a portion of sales on Tuesday’s – this month it’s Nourish NC (Port City Daily photo/COURTESY COPPER PENNY)

WILMINGTON — The Copper Penny in downtown Wilmington is giving people a good excuse to enjoy a pint of Wilmington Brewing Company Penny Pale Ale or the Penny’s signature 109 Chestnut Chicken Sandwich every Tuesday.

The Copper Penny, along with Wilmington Brewing Company and Apple Annie’s Bake Shop, are helping bring recognition to local charities by donating $1.09 of each sale of the house brew and signature chicken sandwich on Tuesday’s. The pale ale was created for the restaurant by the brewery and the bread used for the 109 Chestnut Chicken Sandwich is made by Apple Annie’s Bake Shop, Andrew Devoid general manager of The Copper Penny said.

For the month of August, Copper Penny has partnered with Nourish NC – a charity that helps provide children in the community who struggle with hunger with healthy food options.

The restaurant started the Copper Penny Gives Back program at the beginning of the year. Each month it selects a new charity to partner with.

“We get a lot of traffic here and room for a lot of exposure, so we wanted to find a creative way and give back to the community … the idea was to partner up with the bakery we get our bread from, Apple Annie’s, and a local brewery to kind of form a little team,” Devoid said.

Devoid said the program has been a success so far and that, even if restaurant patrons do not buy a Penny Pale Ale or chicken sandwich, the program is helping people learn more about the different charities in the area.

“Since this has started, it’s really resonated in a positive way,” Devoid said.

Since the campaign started Devoid says the restaurant has received requests from other organizations for partnership opportunities.

The Copper Penny is located at 109 Chestnut Street and opens at 11 a.m. Monday – Saturday, and on Sunday at noon.

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