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Teddy Bear Johnson, 12

Teddy Bear Johnson (reader submission)

WILMINGTON — Teddy Bear was a beautiful AKC Pomeranian beloved by his family, and loved up until the very last moment of his life by those who were closest to him.

He passed away peacefully Saturday, June 8 in his mother’s arms, with the knowledge that he was a very good boy, whom everyone loved, and no-one did not.

He was very small, little, and mostly mythical but not all the way mythical because you could still see him. A fierce protector of his mommy, you could not get without a certain radius of her unless you were ‘cleared’ by him. He was a proud, confident boy, who was stubborn and strong till the very end. He could walk into any room, and command attention with his presence.

He came from Lynette’s Pomeranians, in Kannapolis NC and lived his entire life with his mom Amanda and her best friend Jeff.

Everywhere we went, Teddy would turn heads. People often stopped us and asked if he was sweet, as they wanted to pet him. We would enthusiastically say ‘Yes!’ he was so sweet, he would kiss you silly. He was friendly to all, and loved little children as well as the young of heart. However, if you were on a skateboard or a bike, he was not a fan. He would loudly let you know that he was not in your fan club. He disliked geese, they were too loud as they flew over him. He also had a strong dislike of garbage trucks, I mean no-one is a fan but he would loudly bark and chase them away. He also didn’t like planes or helicopters, he could never have lived the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

He loved to play most with his blue bone, which he had since he was a teething puppy. We bought at least 10 of them over the years, and when one would wear down we’d distract him and toss out a new one. He never noticed or cared as long as he could prance around with his big fluffy butt and show off his blue bone. He loved to go for car rides, often he would come stare at us and give us ‘the look’ which meant it was time for a ride, preferably around Wrightsville Beach, where he loved to walk around Trolley Stop.

He was the Azalea Festival Dog King of 2023, and won over the hearts of all in the crowds with his effortless showmanship, including the following tricks: sit down and paddle, dance, spin, army crawl, shake, and high five. He loved nothing more than to be loved and admired by everyone. If you were a favorite, you were rewarded with lots of kisses on a regular basis. He had his own ice cream in the summer of 2023 made by the friendly folks at Kohl’s ice cream, called ‘Pomeranian Pound Cake’. I often used to call him this, because he was simply so sweet.

He lives on forever on instagram, @teddysweetashoneybear – which is his full AKC name by the way, which he earned in his puppyhood by being the sweetest little man ever. He was so tiny when we got him, he’d fit in Jeff’s palm.

He was known by so many names, to include: La Dorian, He baby, Teddina, Too-ta son, smally, big booty (because he had the most glorious fluff you’d ever seen), fluffy butt, master mythical, Mr. Clear, tootie bootie, peppie, peppie la poo, lovey dovey La Dorian, My Baby, hunnini-bunchini-oatini-oatini, and so many more we can never recall them all. He had songs which we made up, and we’d sing them to him every day.

He will always be in our hearts, and never will be forgotten.

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