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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Total Wine donates $29K in grand opening sales to Coastal Horizons

Courtesy photo

WILMINGTON — Across its 230-plus stores nationwide, Total Wine has given over $200 million, both as in-kind and monetary donations, to nonprofit organizations. 

Its recent grand opening in Wilmington has added to that number by almost $30,000. Last week, Coastal Horizons was on site to receive a check from Total Wine. Local nonprofit Coastal Horizons offers substance use and mental health services across half the counties in the state.

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“We were pleasantly surprised when we were apprised of the amount,” Coastal Horizons president and CEO Margaret Weller-Stargell said.

Along with three board members and three staff members, Weller-Stargell accepted the $29,000 check, which makes up 10% of three days’ worth of sales at Total Wine. The big box store opened its doors at 943 Military Cutoff Road June 30 and hosted tastings and other activities throughout the weekend, which welcomed thousands of customers, store manager Dawn Ward said.

“We work with a variety of different charities throughout each of the communities we’re in,” Ward continued.

Total Wine has collaborated with Make-a-Wish Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, Boys and Girls Clubs, and American Heart Association, among others.

Coastal Horizons’ mission is “to promote choices for healthier lives, stronger families and safer communities.” With more than 600 employees, the nonprofit offers a variety of evidence-based professional services from substance use and mental health to crisis intervention, family preservation and transitional living to justice and veteran-based programs.

“It allows us to use it as discretionary funding, to assist with programs in need,” Weller-Stargell said.

All of Coastal Horizons’ Crisis Intervention Services — including its Open House Youth Shelter, transitional living program, maternity group home and rape crisis center — are 100% grant and fundraising dependent.

“So we will look to assist these programs as needed with the donation received from Total Wine and More,” Weller-Stargell said.

She added that Total Wine and More management approached her about partnering again in the future; however, nothing has been set in stone or formally agreed upon.

“They consider this partnership a ‘marriage,’” Weller-Stargell said. “And, if you visit the store, you will see they have ‘responsible messaging’ throughout. Our goal is to provide them with information about our array of behavioral health and primary care services which can be shared with their customers via brochures and/or signage at their location.”

She plans to approach Total Wine in the future about sponsoring Coastal Horizons annual fundraisers.

Total Wine is located in 27 states and Wilmington’s location marked its 13th store in North Carolina. The massive retailer serves 8,000 different types of wines and more than 2,500 beer varieties.

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