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Carolina Beach closes Freeman Park citing capacity concerns

FreFreeman Park is once again open to daily visitors (Port City Daily/File)eman Park will only be open to season pass holders this holiday weekend (Port City Daily/File)
Freeman Park is currently closed to vehicular traffic. (Port City Daily/File)

CAROLINA BEACH ––– The Town of Carolina Beach announced Saturday afternoon that access to Freeman Park would be restricted to vehicular use for the immediate future.

Access to vehicles stopped as of 1:30 p.m Saturday, June 19. The park will reopen after the town’s public safety department deems it safe or if additional closures are required.

The closure is the result of reaching capacity limits and concerns for public safety, the town announced Saturday.

Visitors of the island should continue to plan on closures throughout the weekend “pending the level of patron use,” the town announced. Access by foot is still permitted.

While Saturday’s decision appears to be motivated by capacity constraints, severe erosion in recent years has prompted the town to restrict access periodically to ensure safe driving conditions.

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