Monday, July 15, 2024

ICYMI – Residents vs. developers, protestors vs. supporters, and more [Free]

On the surface, it’s a fight over a technical requirement called setbacks. But really, it’s a battle between old residents and new development money.

As the pandemic rolled through, some stories got lost in the ensuing chaos. We followed up on four of them.

Trump’s visit to Wilmington, commemorating it as the nation’s first ‘WWII Heritage City’ came on short notice, but that didn’t stop hundreds of supporters from flocking to the airport and motorcade route. Downtown, protestors were quick to mobilize as well. Take a deep dive into the day, from what motivated people to show up to Trump’s controversial comments about voting.

Researchers who discovered the numbers expressed genuine concern, but somehow the public wasn’t notified.

UNCW faces the same challenge as other universities around the country — how to keep thousands of students from congregating (i.e. partying) in large groups, accelerating the spread of Covid-19.

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