Monday, June 17, 2024

Isaias update: Storm still expected to hit as hurricane, with tornadoes, rain, and storm surge [Free]

Isaias is expected to become a Category 1 hurricane on Monday evening as it makes landfall in the Wilmington area. (Port City Daily photo / National Weather Service)

WILMINGTON — On Monday evening, the National Hurricane Center said Isaias was getting “better organized” and is “expected to make landfall tonight as a hurricane with dangerous winds and storm surge.”

This is the final update from national weather officials before the storm makes landfall.

The National Weather Service is predicting sustained winds of 60 mph for Wilmington, with gusts up to 75 mph (with similar levels in the surrounding areas). The strongest winds are expected to start around 8 p.m. and last through the nights.

Storm surges of 3 to 5 feet are expected in Brunswick County, and 2 to 4 feet are expected in New Hanover and Pender county. Serious river flooding is expected throughout the area, including downtown Wilmington, where inundation of 2 to 3 feet is possible during high tide.

The greatest risk of tornadoes is expected Monday evening. The primary risks are from downed trees and tree limbs and downed power lines..

Between 4 and 6 inches of rain is expected, with pockets of heavier rain — up to 8 inches. Flash flooding is expected, and low-lying or poorly-draining roads may become impassible.

You can find the latest data and updates from NWS here.

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