Sunday, July 21, 2024

ICYMI – Stuck in line getting water and canned goods? Catch up this week’s top stories

Just part of the increasingly strange saga of the Surf City mayoral campaign…

Surf City mayoral candidate and sitting councilman Jeremy Shugarts has been indicted for election violations

Take a deep dive into the story of one employee who tried to bring serious allegations of racial discrimination and safety issues to the attention of the administrators and the board. What happened instead, the employee says, was months of harassment leading to a demotion and pay cut for performance issues she said were caused by insufficient training.

After alleging discrimination, harassment, and safety issues, NHCS ‘whistle blower’ got demotion, pay cut

Pender County officials say they’re hard at work fixing the issues — here’s how they got there.

Pender County marked ‘high risk’ on state assistance list for past accounting issues

Carolina Beach is updating its land-use plan, and that could have long-lasting impacts on a number of issues, including vacation rentals, coastline maintenance, and more.

Affordable housing, short-term rentals, environmental concerns: Digging into Carolina Beach’s LUP update

CFPUA has a strict policy prohibiting customers from disconnecting water or sewer — but after a contentious battle, one customer did just that.

Whatever happened to CFPUA customer who wanted to disconnect his water supply to avoid GenX?

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