Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ICYMI: Insanity plea in Serpentarium case, flood zones and development, Cajun Navy and more

Over a year after the shooting death of Serpentarium founder Dean Ripa, his wife – accused of his murder – has been found guilty by reason of insanity. Get the details from the hearing that closed the case here. READ MORE

Insanity ruling ends the sad final chapter of Sepentarium owner, killed by his wife

After the United Cajun Navy went public with claims that Pender County turned away volunteers, vehicles, and supplies, the county responded with its side of the story. READ MORE

Pender County Emergency Operations Center responds to United Cajun Navy claims

The case has been unfolding over the week, as more details, and more questions, have come to light. This was the initial story that had people thinking something wasn’t adding up. READ MORE

Oak Island Mayor’s son held on $2 million bond relating to child pornography charges

For half a century, Wilmington imposed regulations on parts of the Northside region of downtown Wilmington. Now those “protections” are being lifted — here’s why. READ MORE

After nearly 50 years, Wilmington ends urban renewal ‘protections’ for Northside development

Stoney Creek was nearly completely devastated by flooding after Hurricane Florence, despite the fact that it’s not in the FEMA floodplain. Now, Leland is considering offering a host of incentives to a developer to build right next store. READ MORE

Leland could pay developer $100,000 to build near Stoney Creek, just feet from FEMA floodplain

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