Monday, April 22, 2024

Newsroom Podcast July 14 — Environmental deregulation, harassment by Pender detective, food trucks

This week: Wilmington's Planning Commission punts on two tricky environmental issues. Then, what happened to Chris Parker? Plus, the latest brews and bites stories.

We start this week with two different moves to relax Wilmington’s environmental regulations. One proposed amendment, requested by a developer, would allow more construction along the city’s waterways. Another request, which came from the city itself, would allow developers to build denser projects without having to present new stormwater management plans.

Then we tackle two law enforcement stories from this week. First, the story of Chris Parker, a young man found dead in Wilmington three weeks ago. Parker’s last post on Facebook contained video of a Pender County detective, who addressed Parker using explicit language. What was the connection between the two?

We also get into the case of David Age, arrested for repeatedly stealing from a local flower shop. Age has a long rap sheet, numerous felonies, and warrants out for his arrest, but a magistrate released him before the paperwork on his arrest was even completed. Why did this happen?

Last, we check in with the latest brews and bites stories, including a pizza restaurant on wheels — complete with an impressively high-temperature oven — and our latest regular segment, the food truck tracker. You can find all of our brews and bites stories here.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up on them here. Then go in-depth with our weekly podcast.

Wilmington Planning Commission will consider reducing regulations in conservation districts

City to consider striking stormwater regulations to incentivize redevelopment

Pender County mother claims Sheriff’s detective harassed her son ‘to the breaking point’

Despite outstanding warrants, arrest for recent string of larcenies, man released on unsecured bond

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