Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Newsroom Podcast June 16 – Carolina Beach shenanigans? Plus, DEA gets aggressive over Wilmington CBD

A member of Carolina Beach's Police Advisory Committee fabricates quotes, the DEA targets a Wilmington business that's selling a legal product, and what really went down with that pit bull attack?

First up this week, the case of Jerry Bagnell, the UNCW professor and member of Carolina Beach’s Police Advisory Committee who apparently invented quotes from Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and Mayor Pro-tem Margaret Haynes. Bagnell appears to have lied to town council repeatedly about conversations with the two local leaders. So, why would anyone do that? We get into it.

Then we tackle a complicated question: why is the DEA seizing hemp bound for a local Wilmington company that manufactures CBD oil? CBD and hemp are both legal in North Carolina, but the DEA considers them as serious a drug as heroin or cocaine.

Also this week — what really happened during that pit bull attack? What was the victim doing in the house without permission, and what happened to the dog?

Lastly, we have a few words to say about Anthony Bourdain’s role as a journalist — a man who said sometimes-unpopular things about a world few people really get to see.

If you missed the stories we talked about this week, you can check out some of them below. Catch up, then check out the podcast for a closer look.


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