Thursday, December 7, 2023

ICYMI: More River Place lawsuits, Serpentarium’s surprise close, DIY toll road, ABC bill

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City Council initially approved a plan to temporarily use private property for several years; then, council members voted to change the plan and take the land permanently. The city didn’t know how much it would cost, nor did it give property owners advanced notice. The result? At least three lawsuits, including one that could cost the city $350,000. READ MORE

City Council voted for River Place land grab, now three lawsuits could cost Wilmington

The current manager of the Serpentarium recently discovered the reptiles he had been taking care of had been sold by a court-appointed attorney without his knowledge, effectively dooming any chance of reopening. Apparently, the process – which will also include selling the $1 million building that housed the Serpentarium – also excluded the family of the museum’s deceased founder, Larry Dean Ripa. READ MORE 

Serpentarium family says it was cut out of private sale process by attorney and Superior Court Clerk

Carolina Beach is a small town; in theory, it’s small enough to walk across with ease. But in practice, many residents don’t feel safe crossing town on foot. That’s why the town is trying to tackle the issue. READ MORE

Carolina Beach to address concerns about walkability in beach town

This privately maintained road serves as a shortcut to Surf City. When developers abdicated responsibility for the road, residents had to find a way to maintain the road as thousands of cars used it to save time on the way to the beach. Their solution? A do-it-yourself toll road … which may or may not be legal. READ MORE

Facing heavy traffic and poor street maintenance, these Pender County residents made their own toll

Last week, Representative Ted Davis sponsored a bill that would, in essence, prevent any new liquor-serving bars from opening. Then, over the weekend, Davis took to Facebook to clarify his role in the bill. The feedback was not positive, leading Davis to now say he will kill the bill in committee if is not overhauled to allow new bars to open. READ MORE

Ted Davis now says he won’t allow controversial ABC bill vote unless ‘objectionable portions’ are resolved

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