Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Boom and bust: Top 10 business stories of 2017

Whether you’re following the tech and entrepreneur scene, hankering for a new bar or restaurant, or curious – “what’s going to be in that new building?” – business stories are how you know what’s going on, and what’s coming next.

(1) When the nondescript building on College Road got a new mural featuring green hearts and a certain kind of plant, people got very curious. READ MORE 


(2) Following up on a pre-dawn tip, we tracked down the owner of the abruptly closed music venue. Over the next two days, the story became increasingly complicated, including two very different stories about the building’s condition. READ MORE


(3) After spotting an intriguing Reddit post, we caught up with Delia Valenti Eveland, who described her dream business — a coffee shop that came with its own, in-house cats to snuggle with. It sounded too good to be true, but Eveland’s plan has been moving along steadily. READ MORE


(4) The Federal Point shopping center in Carolina Beach has seen better days and – within plans for a nearby Harris Teeter in seemingly perpetual limbo – residents have been outspoken about their desire for a new grocery store. So we looked into it. READ MORE


(5) WTF? Three friends, all veterans of the service industry, decided that – while they loved cocktails bars – they didn’t love the high-priced snobbery that sometimes accompanied mixology-driven establishments. That’s how Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was born. READ MORE


(6) Longtime residents and recent arrivals can agree, there’s more than one problem with the employment scene in Wilmington. We broke down the situation. READ MORE


(7) Wilmington has no shortage of breweries — it was the topic of an in-depth series — but Wrightsville Beach Brewery caught readers’ attention with its dedication to “all things local.” READ MORE 


(8) Carolina Beach has had more than a few new restaurants open this year. This new cafe has been pulling customers across the bridge from southern Wilmington, as well as serving native Carolina Beach residents. READ MORE


(9) For years, Level 5 and Reel Cafe owned the rooftop bar scene, but they are likely to get a serious run for their money in 2018 when this ninth-story bar and restaurant opens. READ MORE


(10) These $1 million dollar restaurants had ample parking, state-of-the-art facilities and seemingly ideal location, yet they’ve been empty for years. We wondered: does that affect how city planners evaluate new projects nearby? READ MORE



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