Saturday, September 23, 2023

ICYMI Dec. 3-9: New restaurants and hidden gems, plus ‘squishies’ and historic homes

Headlines come and go faster than ever. Check out the stories people were talking about in this week's 'In Case You Missed It.'

This week we checked out no less than three new restaurants, including Vivian Howard’s new pizza place on South Front Street. We also visited a hidden gem that’s been around for decades — it’s one that few people know about, but it might just be the best deal in town.

We also explored the world of “squishies and slime,” and met a very young entrepreneur who has started her own business making the weird, but fascinating, substances. Lastly, in our ‘Where We Live,’ we took a trip back in time – about 127 years back – to visit a historic Victorian home.

Sure, a few die-hards are willing to throw down over the age-old East vs. West rivalry, but the rest of can enjoy some tomato-based barbecue at this new Carolina Beach outpost. READ MORE

Many mourned the end of an era for Pembroke’s, the sister restaurant of downtown pioneer RX. But there’s already a new restaurant planned to open in early January in the same location, and the owner is going all out. READ MORE

We visited Our Place, the little-known restaurant tucked away along the Riverwalk, and operated by Cape Fear Community College’s culinary and hospitality programs. Young chef’s at the peak of their training are turning out sophisticated dishes, but the prices are nothing like fine dining. READ MORE

Olivia is 11, and she’s TekMountain’s youngest entrepreneur, building a business based on squishies and slime. What’s a squishie? It’s like a stress ball, with a lot more personality. And slime? Well, it’s probably easier to READ MORE and find out for yourself.Vivi

This week’s ‘Where We Live’ featured a house with style, grace and history – a lot of history. They really don’t make them like they used to. READ MORE

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