Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Governor Roy Cooper approves ‘Brunch Bill’ allowing Sunday morning alcohol sales

WILMINGTON — The fate of Sunday morning alcohol sales in restaurants is now in the hands of local government leaders. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper gave the so-called “Brunch Bill” the green light after it passed through both the House and Senate.

The law previously stated alcohol could not be served until noon on Sundays, now that time can be moved up to 10 a.m. if local government officials choose to allow it.

City of Wilmington City Council Member Paul Lawler said Thursday he had not been a part of any discussions relating to the bill. However, he said it made sense to consider the issue.

“It makes sense for local governments to have this authority so that each community can choose what works for that particular community. Wilmington should consider what’s right for us if the bill is enacted into law,” Lawler said.

The bill also loosens current restrictions placed on distilleries in the state allowing the sale of up to five bottles a year, per customer, as opposed to the previous one bottle a year limit.

Local restaurant owner Josh Petty of the Cast Iron Kitchen said the loosened restrictions could encourage residents and visitors to head to brunch a little bit earlier.

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