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Where to find a fresh, local turkey for your Thanksgiving meal

Joyce Farms Heritage Black Turkey. (Courtesy
Stenersen’s farm stand. (Courtesy

Humble Roots Farm – Kyle and Katelyn Stenersen started this farm in Scott’s Hill, N.C., in 2013. Located just outside of Wilmington, the farm raises free-range turkeys given a non-GMO feed. Their products are used at a number of Wilmington restaurants.

As of Tuesday, Kyle Stenersen said his farm had about 40 turkeys left, they will be processed and available for pick-up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Turkeys can be reserved at the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday nights, held at Waterline Brewing (721 Surry St, Wilmington, NC 28401).

Interested customers can also visit the farm – and the turkeys – on Saturday mornings, from 10 a.m. until noon. Humble Roots Farm is located at 1247 Scotts Hill Loop Rd. Wilmington. Phone: 910-538-3728. Web:

Robert Elliot. (Courtesy

Cypress Hall Farms – Robert Elliot, a former United States Marine, is the latest proprietor of this farm, which has been around for several generations. While the farm is not rated organic, they are free-range heritage birds — Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, Spanish Black, Blue Slate, and others — which have not been exposed to antibiotics, hormones, steroids, vaccinations, or any chemicals or drugs of any kind.

The farm is located in the Rocky Point area, so Wilmingtonians who do not want to make the drive should contact the farm for shipping information. Phone: 252-725-4875.


Ethan Johnson is enthusiastic about his poultry. (Courtesy

Joyce Farms – Alvin Joyce started this family poultry farm in 1962 in the Winston-Salem area. Joyce farms raises free range, all-natural birds.

The farm has not pursued non-GMO or organic status, arguing that “although organic standards are a step in the right direction, we feel our raising standards and animal welfare beliefs exceed the organic label.”

The farm can be reached at 1-800-755-6923. Fresh and frozen Joyce Farm turkeys will be available in Wilmington at the Tidal Creek Co-Op, located at 5329 Oleander Drive; call to confirm availability at 910-799-2667.


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Thanksgiving is more than just turkey.  There is also sausage for stuffing, as well as pork and beef for those looking to cook something different or something extra on Thanksgiving. And of course there  is regular and sweet potatoes, squash and beans, 

SF Farms – Ethan Johnson started this small Bladen County farm in 2012. He raises 50-200 free-range hogs on fifty acres of rotating pastures as well as ducks, quail, and chickens. Although SF Farms is not offering turkeys this year, they have in the past. SF Farms is approved Animal Welfare Approved. SF Farms offers a variety of sausages and pork cuts suitable for holiday cooking. Find more info at and

Red Beard Farms – Morgan Milne’s farm on Castle Hayne Road — just north of Wilmington International Airport — offers local, free-range pork and poultry and organic produce, including Shitake mushrooms ideal for vegan cooking. The small farm has no website, but can be reached at and on the Facebook page.

Pine Valley Market – The market, located on S. College Road near 17th St., offers a variety of organic and local holiday cuts — including turkey, pork and beef roasts. Executive Chef Chris McCauley says this year they sourced their turkeys from Kochs Farm, an Amish country farm in Pennsylvania. “I can’t say enough good things about them,” McCauley said, “it’s a third generation farm, started in 1939. There’s 60 acres of land. The birds are free range, heritage, organic, the whole deal.”

In the event a local organic turkey cannot be found, supporting a local business and getting an organic turkey might be an acceptable alternative. Pine Valley Market will also cook turkeys and cater holiday meals. Complete information on Koch’s Turkey farm and how to order can be found at the market’s website.

Mills Family Farm – The family farm, founded in 1935, provides high-end cuts of beef for several Wilmington restaurants. Those looking to do something a little different for the holidays – for example, short ribs – can contact Tidal Creek Co-Op for availability or special orders.

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