Thursday, December 7, 2023

River Road closed to traffic for four months starting Tuesday

'River Road Realignment Project' site off River Road south of Independence Boulevard. Photo by Ben Brown.
‘River Road Realignment Project’ site off River Road south of Independence Boulevard. Photo by Ben Brown.

On Tuesday, crews will begin paving Greenville Loop Road.

According to City Spokeswoman Malissa Talbert, the work requires nightly lane closures from 8 p.m.-6 a.m. and will take place over the next several weeks. Flaggers will be on hand to direct traffic. Work to install drainage improvements and repave seven lane-miles on Greenville Loop Road began in mid-July. This project is part of the city’s $41 million, 5-year plan to make repairs and improvements to streets and other public facilities, with the repaving portion of the $1.4 million project expected to be complete in October.

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City crews will need to shut down River Road for continued construction of the River Road Realignment project. The road will be closed Sept. 8-Dec. 23 while connections with the newly relocated road is tied into the existing road.

On Sept. 8, construction on River Road will have reached a point where shutting down road is necessary. According to Talbert, full closure is the safest and fastest way to complete project and minimize amount of time drivers are inconvenienced – 14 weeks versus six months or longer for one lane or night closure.

The project is not simply a repaving – it’s building an entirely new road, with two new traffic circles, then tying the new road into the existing road and installing other infrastructure improvements, according to Talbert.

Newland Communities has worked with the city on this road relocation project since March, 2015, with Newline Communities committing $2.4 million to the project and the City of Wilmington adding another $1.4 million.

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