Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Podcast November 2 – Naked and alone, major development, and water wars

We start this week with a more in-depth look at this week’s story about the Wilmington Police Department officer who left his 8-year-old child locked in his car, naked and wrapped in a towel, while he went back into a bar for an Oktoberfest celebration. Two New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to the scene and, after interviewing Lt. Matt Malone, no charges were pressed.

While the fact that Malone is a high-ranking, long-serving police officer — hired in July, 2002, and currently making $75,000 annually as a lieutenant — prompted speculation on social media that he had received special treatment, Dooies specifically noted that the prosecutor who reviewed the case did so without the knowledge that the suspect was a law enforcement officer.

Lots of questions still remain — we get into them.

Also this week: the City of Wilmington explains why it doesn’t believe state law prohibiting certain regulations on short-term rentals applies to its recent ordinances. Well, sort of.

Plus, Isaac Bear has great students but terrible facilities. Improving the later would be a win-win for both partners in the project, UNCW and New Hanover County Schools. So…why is everyone so skittish about discussing the issue?

And, lastly, the battle over who will control water and sewer in northern Brunswick County rages on. Things have been downright ugly in the past, but now they’re getting borderline illegal.

If you missed any of these stories you can catch up below:

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