Wednesday, June 19, 2024

John Edward Rossi, 9/2/1989 – 1/23/2010, forever in our hearts

John Edward Rossi

It has now been 11 long, painful, agonizing years since you were so senselessly taken from us. The pain does not go away, and time does not heal the hearts that were shattered when you left us.

Each day we rise, hoping to wake from this nightmare but quickly realize the reality of having lost you. Each day still has their challenges, some days more than others. As time goes by, we learn to deal with your loss the best we can, although it is difficult to do.

What we do have are thousands of wonderful memories to fall back on. As long as we keep these cherished memories locked in our hearts, you will live on in our hearts forever.

We love you and miss you, John Edward Rossi, with all of our broken hearts, and we always will.

Love Mom, Dad, Mike and Steven.

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