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2022 Primary Election: Jerry Groves vies for Pender County commissioner seat, district 3

Jerry Groves is running for a seat on the Pender County Board of Commissioners for district 3. (Courtesy photo)

PENDER COUNTY ⁠— Jerry Groves is running for a seat on the Pender County Board of Commissioners for district 3.

Port City Daily has sent a questionnaire to every candidate running in local elections in the tri-county region. The paywall is dropped on profiles to help voters make informed decisions ahead of casting their ballots.

As a reminder, the early voting period runs from Apr. 28 to May 14. The voter registration deadline is Apr. 22. Voters may partake in same-day registration throughout the two-week early voting period (check if your registration is active at your current address).

Primary Election Day is May 17. Voters will choose which candidates from their registered party they want to move forward in the formal election. Those who are registered as unaffiliated can choose which party’s primary they want to vote in.

Groves’ stances on issues are discussed below. All answers are included in full and the candidate’s opinions and statements are not a reflection of Port City Daily. Responses are edited only for grammar, spelling and clarity.

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Port City Daily (PCD): What are the greatest issues the county is facing? How would you work to address it? 

Jerry Groves (JG): Infrastructure. We are behind and this is something that should have been addressed years ago. We need to put more time and resources into infrastructure.

PCD: In what ways does Pender County need to manage population growth?

JG: Growth will happen and is needed to sustain a quality of life in Pender County.  The building contractor must pay his fair share for the infrastructure. 

PCD: How well do you think the county balances development with “livability” (i.e. moderated traffic, preserved green space, etc.)?  

JG: I think the County schools have made great strides in regards to implementing more guidelines for green space.  Development must be DOT regulated, for instance, towing lanes are a necessity for the citizens of Pender County.

PCD: How concerned are you about Pender County’s environmental quality? 

JG: Environmental quality, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why our County at such a rapid pace. The wetlands we have are a magnet for all types of birds and animals. We are fortunate not to have toxic fumes and phosphorus gases at a high level in Pender County.

PCD: How appropriate is the county’s supplemental funding to the school district?

JG: I do not have the budget for the school system.  I do feel every budget should be looked at. 

PCD: What do you think of the current tax rates? How will you balance taxes with identifying funding for top-of-mind issues?

JG: The tax rate is at a maximum according to the average income for Pender County citizens. With the new tax base projected, Pender County should stay revenue neutral. 

PCD: How would you rate the current board’s fiscal responsibility? Were there any recent expenditures you would have voted differently on?

JG: Not going to rate the current board, however, there is a County park that should not be in existence due to its location.  We buy items on a state contracts without checking other resources before we purchase.

PCD: With the growing population, how do you think the county should maintain or upgrade its infrastructure?

JG: Without infrastructure, we must slow growth until it is in place.

PCD: Is there an additional issue or issues you think need(s) to be addressed during your term, should you win?

JG: My agenda for the Citizens of Pender County will be to look at every budget and every department head and see if the money is being utilized correctly.  I understand this will take time and it will certainly make some people uncomfortable.

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Shea Carver
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