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Here is who filed for the 2024 elections

Candidates at every level, from local to federal, will be re-elected in the 2024 election. The primaries are scheduled for Mar. 5. (Port City Daily/File)

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. — As one election season ends, another begins.

Municipal elections wrapped in November but filing for the 2024 election season — also a presidential election year — ended Friday.

Multiple people have filed for federal, state and local offices, including seats for the House of Representatives and Senate, county commissioners and the local boards of education.

The election for the primaries will be held in North Carolina on March 5. Below is a breakdown of dates to expect ahead of the primary election:

  • Jan. 19, 2024: County boards of elections begin mailing absentee ballots to eligible voters who submitted an absentee ballot request form.
  • Feb. 9, 2024: Voter registration deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • Feb. 15, 2024: In-person early voting begins.
  • Feb. 27, 2024: Absentee ballot request deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • March 2, 2024: In-person early voting ends (3 p.m.).
  • March 5, 2024: Primary Election Day.
  • March 5, 2024: Absentee ballot return deadline (7:30 p.m.).*

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024. A valid photo ID will be needed to cast a ballot in the primaries and on Election Day.

The state board of elections still has to meet next week to determine the finalized list for presidential candidates. Below is the list of who has filed for re-election in 2024. The state board closed filing at noon Friday.

All asterisks below indicate the office will be listed on the primary ballot. Anyone running unopposed for a nomination will be automatically included on the official election ballot in November.


U.S. House of Representatives District 7

  • Marlando Pridgen (D)
  • David Rouzer (R) 


North Carolina Governor 

  • Shannon Bray (L)
  • Chrelle Booker (D)*
  • Dale Folwell (R)*
  • Gary Foxx (D)*
  • Bill Graham (R)*
  • Mike Morgan (D)*
  • Mark Robinson (R)*
  • Josh Stein (D)*
  • Wayne Turner (G)
  • Marcus Williams (D)*

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

  • Deanna Ballard (R)*
  • Peter R. Boykin (R)*
  • Ben Clark (D)*
  • Rivera Douthit (R)*
  • Jeffrey Elmore (R)*
  • Rachel Hunt (D)*
  • James Allen Mashburn (R)*
  • Marlenis Hernandez Novoa (R)*
  • Jim O’Neill (R)*
  • Sam Page (R)*
  • Dee Watson (L)
  • Hal Weatherman (R)*
  • Seth M. Woodall (R)*

North Carolina Auditor

  • Dave Boliek (R)
  • Jack Clark (R)*
  • Charles Dingee (R)*
  • Bob Drach (L)
  • Jessica Holmes (D)
  • Jim Kee (R)*
  • Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street (R)*
  • Jeff Tarte (R)*

North Carolina Attorney General*

  • Dan Bishop (R)
  • Tim Dunn (D) *
  • Satana Deberry (D) *
  • Jeff Jackson (D) *

North Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Colby (Bear) Hammonds (R)*
  • Sean Haugh (L)
  • Sarah Taber (D)
  • Steve Troxler (R)*

North Commissioner of Insurance

  • C. Robert Brawley (R)*
  • Mike Causey (R)*
  • Natasha Marcus (D)*
  • David Wheeler (D)*

North Carolina Commissioner of Labor

  • Luke Farley (R)*
  • Jon Harister (R)*
  • Chuck Stanley (R)*
  • Braxton Winston II (D)
  • Travis Wilson (R)*

North Carolina Secretary of State

  • Chad Brown (R)*
  • Elaine Marshall (D)
  • Jesse Thomas (R)*
  • Christine Villaverde (R)*

North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • C.R. Katie Eddings (D)*
  • Kenon Crumble (D)*
  • Michele Morrow (R)*
  • Catherine Truitt (R)*

North Carolina Treasurer

  • A. J. Daoud (R)*
  • Gabe Esparza (D)*
  • Wesley Harris (D)*
  • Rachel Johnson (R)*

House of Representatives

Pender County District 16

  • Carson Smith (R)
  • Frances Lakey (D)

Brunswick County District 17

  • Charles Jones (D)
  • Frank Iler (R)

New Hanover County District 18

  • Deb Butler (D)

New Hanover and Brunswick County District 19  

  • Charlie Miller (R)
  • Jill Brown (D)

New Hanover County District 20

  • Jonathan M. Berger (D)
  • Ted Davis, Jr. (R)


New Hanover County District 7

  • John Evans (L)
  • David Hill (D)
  • Michael Lee (R)

New Hanover and Brunswick County District 8

  • Bill Rabon (R)
  • Katherine Randall (D)

Pender County District 9

  • Jamie Campbell Bowles (D)
  • Brent Jackson (R)

Pender County District 16

  • Carson Smith (R)

New Hanover County Commissioners 

  • Jonathan Barfield (D)
  • John Hinnant (R)
  • Bill Rivenbark (R)
  • Cassidy Santaguida (D)
  • Dane Scalise (R)
  • Stephanie Walker (D)

New Hanover County Board of Education 

  • Nikki M. Bascome (R)*
  • Jerry Jones, Jr. (D)*
  • Judy Justice (D)*
  • Tim Merrick (D)*
  • Cynthia Munoz (D)*
  • Kimberly McDuffie Murphy (R)*
  • David Perry (R)*
  • Aubrey Tuell (R)*
  • Nathosa Tew (R)*

New Hanover County Register of Deeds

  • Morghan Getty Collins (R)
  • April Farr (D)

Brunswick County Commissioners

District 3

  • Jwantana Gardner Frink (R)*
  • Pat Sykes (R)*

District 4 

  • Mike Forte (R)
  • Tom Simmons (D)

District 5

  • Jonathan Damico (D)
  • Erik Tammaru (R)*
  • Frank Williams (R)*

Brunswick County Board of Education

District 1 

  • Lavar Marlow (R)*
  • Vickie Smith (R)*

District 2 

  • Catherine Cooke (R)*
  • Rick Hessman (R)*
  • David Robinson (R)*

District 4

  • Shirley Babson (R)*
  • Steven Barger (R)*
  • Janis Simmons (D)

Brunswick County Register of Deeds

  • Acquinetta (Rochelle) Beatty (D)
  • Deanna Slate (R)*
  • Dana Varnam (R)*

Pender County Commissioners

District 1 

  • Joe Cina (R)*
  • Brad George (R)*
  • Jim Harris (D)

District 4 

  • Max Southworth-Beckwith (R)*
  • Demetrice A. Keith (D)
  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Newton (R)*
  • Ken Smith (R)*

District 5

  • Fred McCoy (R)*
  • Brent Springer (R)*

Pender County Board of Education

District 3 

  • Don Hall (R)

District 5 

  • Phil Cordeiro (R)*
  • Tommy Reeves (R)*

Pender County Register of Deeds

  • Sharon Lear Willoughby

N.C. Judges

NC Supreme Court Seat 6

  • Lora Cubbage (D)*
  • Jefferson Griffin (R)
  • Allison Riggs (D)*

NC Court of Appeals Seat 12 

  • Tom Murry (R)
  • Carolyn Thompson (D)

NC Court of Appeals Seat 14

  • Ed Eldred (D)
  • Valerie Zachary (R)

NC Court of Appeals Seat 15

  • Chris Freeman (R)*
  • Martin Moore (D)
  • Hunter Murphy (R)*

New Hanover and Pender County Judges

NC Superior Court Judge District 6A, Seat 1

  • R. Kent Harrell (R)

NC District Court Judge District 6, Seat 5

  • J.H. Corpening II (D)

NC District Court Judge District 6, Seat 6 

  • Richard Russell Davis (D)
  • Richard (Ray) Kern (R)

NC District Court Judge District 6, Seat 7

  • Jeffrey Evan Noecker (D)

NC District Court Judge District 6, Seat 8

  • Sandra Ray (R)

NC District Court Judge District 6, Seat 9

  • Robin Wicks Robinson (D)

New Hanover County Judges

NC Superior Court Judge District 6C, Seat 1

  • Max Ashworth (R)*
  • Norwood P. Blanchard (R)*
  • Barry Henline (R)*
  • Ricardo Jensen (D)
  • Susan Keelin (R)*

Brunswick County Judges

NC District Court Judge District 15, Seat 1

  • Pauline Hankins (R)

NC District Court Judge District 15, Seat 3

  • J. Calvin Chandler (R)

NC District Court Judge District 15, Seat 4

  • T. Heath Nance (R)

NC District Court Judge District 15, Seat 6

  • Scott L. Ussery (R)

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