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Staying involved in local government amidst Covid-19 concerns with live streams [Free read]

While not all local governments have video streams of the meetings, a good number of them do. (Port City Daily/File)

SOUTHEAST N.C. — Concerns over Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus have led to the cancellations of plenty of events after Governor Roy Cooper called for an end to large gatherings and encouraged working remotely. Despite this, there are some things that will continue, and that includes governmental meetings.

While it is advised to avoid large gatherings, the public can still have a role in keeping their elected and appointed officials accountable and staying involved in local government.

In the age of technology, it has become increasingly easier for residents to stay up to date with local government happenings. Live video streams and audio broadcasts are commonplace for many local governmental bodies.

While some municipalities and counties are somewhat behind the curve on the latest broadcasting technology many are moving towards embracing the new systems.

In Surf City, for example, Town Council has just recently live-streamed its first meeting on YouTube.

“We were able to test out a new opportunity for citizen involvement. I’m happy to present Council’s meeting that was streamed live on YouTube Tuesday evening. Once we are able to move into the new Town Hall, the audio and video equipment will be upgraded and the quality will be enhanced. Until then, we will continue to stream these meetings in a similar form,” Town Manager Kyle Breuer said.

Other places, like New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington, have been streaming video and audio for meetings for years and those interested can view a vast archive of meeting videos and live-stream upcoming meetings — all from the comfort of home.

Click the links below for the governmental body you would like to see.

City of WilmingtonLive videos; archived meeting videos

New Hanover County You can find both live and past meeting videos here

Town of LelandBoth live and past videos can be found on the town’s YouTube channel.

Town of Carolina BeachBoth live and past videos can be found on the town’s YouTube channel.

Town of Wrightsville Beach — The Town of Wrightsville Beach does have a Vimeo account, however, meetings posted are not up to date.

Brunswick County — Brunswick County does not stream video or audio, however, residents can request audio recordings from meetings which could take some time.

Pender County — Pender County offers a live stream as well as links to previous meetings.

Kure Beach — The Town of Kure Beach does not have live streaming

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