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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In Pictures: Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg holds Wilmington rally

Former mayor of New York City and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg prepares to hit the stage during a rally at Laney High School this weekend. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

WILMINGTON — A few hundred people squeezed into the courtyard of Laney High School to listen to former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, days before North Carolinians take to the polls on Super Tuesday to vote for their Democratic presidential candidate.

Those who attended Saturday’s rally included Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo, who endorsed the candidate, Bloomberg supporters, Democrats willing to hear him out, and one young man named Noah Jones wearing a yellow cape and a red ‘Make America Great Hat,’ showing his opposition to the rally in favor of President Donald Trump.

IN PICTURES: Bloomberg visits Wilmington

“I’m not saying he’s a perfect person or he will always do right in his life, but he has done more good than he has done wrong, and he deserves a lot more credit than he is getting,” Jones said.

Bloomberg exited a Laney High hallway just after 4 p.m. on Saturday to an eager crowd (view photos of the rally here). He began his speech with a jab at leading Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, referencing a recent report that Russia was supporting his campaign.

“Now I think I’m the only candidate to come to Wilmington, but all of them should visit,” Bloomberg told the crowd. “Senator Warren could go to Elizabeth’s Pizza on Market Street. Klobuchar could do a Flaming Amy’s restaurant, and Senator Sanders could go to the KGB Bar,” Bloomberg said, joking about recent reports that Sanders’ campaign was being supported by Russia. “When my speech writer came up with that one I thought that was pretty good too.”

Beverly Murry, a UNCW student from the Outer Banks, came as a registered Democrat and a political science student at UNCW.

“I don’t support Mike Bloomberg, but I do support politics and I am a Democrat. So that’s why I’m here.”

Meanwhile John Mihaltses, a local doctor, was successful in getting a selfie with the candidate before he took the stage. He was a supporter.

“I’ve been following Michael Bloomberg for a while, since I lived in New York seven or eight years ago,” Mihaltses said. “I really liked how he creates policies based on science and facts, and listens to experts. As a local physician, I enjoy that that’s how he creates the policies that are going to bring us into the future.”

View photos of Saturday’s rally below:

Bloomberg visits Wilmington

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