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Sheriff Alan Cutler promises investigation into death of 5-year-old Paitin Fields is still active

The girl died in November of 2017 and the investigation has been ongoing.

Alan Cutler is one of seven Republicans running in the 2018 primary election to replace Sheriff Carson Smith in Pender County. (Port City Daily photo | Courtesy Alan Cutler)
Pender County Sheriff Alan Cutler (Port City Daily photo | Courtesy Alan Cutler)

PENDER COUNTY — The Pender County Sheriff’s Office wants to assure the community that the investigation into the death of 5-year-old Paitin Fields is still active.

According to Sheriff Alan Cutler, “From the beginning of this investigation, we stated that we wanted to be able to determine the truth surrounding Paitin’s death while protecting the integrity of our investigation in a manner that will allow the correct individual(s) to face charges and ultimately be convicted for the crimes they have committed. This has not changed.

“We understand there are opinions circulating within and outside our community why no
one has been charged in this case. We continue to do everything possible to get justice
for Paitin by keeping her case a priority so that her attacker may be brought to justice as
soon as possible,” he said.

According to WECT, in November of 2017 Fields was brought in critical condition to the Pender Memorial Hospital with injuries consistent with assault and rape.

District Attorney Ben David’s office also weighed in on the case.

“This case is very important to the District Attorney’s Office. Consistent with our police-
prosecutor team approach, I have been apprised of the investigation since its early
stages. The case remains under active investigation by the Pender County Sheriff’s
Office, and they continue to follow all leads in the case. We have conducted a critical
case review of this case with senior prosecutors in our office and other law enforcement
agencies. We will continue to review all evidence as it comes to light. We encourage
anyone with information regarding the death of Paitin Fields to contact the Pender
County Sheriff’s Office,” according to David.


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