Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ICYMI – Banning thongs, closing streets, remembering a local legend, and more

Catch up on the stories that got readers talking this week.

We’ve all heard of blue laws or other old regulations that have stuck around on the books, but the Kure Beach ordinance banning thongs and other revealing beachwear is relatively new — it was passed in 2010. We asked the town’s mayor what he thought about the law (but if you really want to see how people felt about it, check out the Facebook comments). READ MORE

Danny Joe Swinson, the reggae-loving, PBR-drinking, heart and soul of Carolina Beach’s Lazy Pirate passed away last weekend. We went to his epic sendoff to capture the celebration. READ MORE

‘Guardian of the Vibe’: Carolina Beach celebrates the life of local legend Danny Swinson

The city’s police and fire departments weren’t the only ones caught off guard this week when CSX closed nearly 30 roads. The city’s engineering department says it got the information weeks ago, and sent it through normal channels. So what went wrong? READ MORE

Communication breakdown: Who dropped the ball on CSX’s mass road closures in Wilmington?

It sounds absurd, but it’s true: there are higher levels of PFAS contamination in the water after it is put through an extensive (and expensive) filtering process. So what’s going on — and what’s being done? READ MORE

CFPUA filtered water still has more contaminants than raw water. Here’s why, and what’s being done

It’s bad news for fans of the nature preserve, but good news for those who enjoy the golf course club house. Officials defended the move, saying the recent purchase of Echo Farms provided plenty of greenspace. READ MORE

Over $1 million earmarked for nature preserve reallocated to Live Nation amphitheater park, golf course clubhouse

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