Monday, June 24, 2024

ICYMI – Brunswick’s $200-million water plans, HOA whys and woes, Pender County

Brunswick County is preparing to take on more than $200 million in debt to address a variety of water issues, most notably $100 million for a planned reverse osmosis plant to deal with GenX and other emerging contaminants. So, where’s the money going to come from? READ MORE

Brunswick County’s pricey path to RO could spread cost burden across its wholesale customers

Two weeks ago, city officials told reporters that negotiations over $20,000 in fines for illegally chopping down 50 oak trees were still going on — but that wasn’t true. READ MORE

No comment after Wilmington approves closed-session deal waiving $20,000 fine for Mayfaire development

Homeowners Associations are a fact of life for many around the Cape Fear region, but sometimes, HOAs can develop into actual towns. Here’s how. READ MORE

Beyond an HOA: How, and why, some Homeowners Associations became towns

On the other hand, it’s also possible for an HOA to exist only on paper — that’s what has apparently happened at this Wilmington development, where residents have paid tens of thousands of dollars in HOA fees without ever seeing any evidence of an actual HOA. READ MORE

Developer charged Wilmington residents thousands for HOA that doesn’t really exist. So, where’s the money?

Last, a story that may have gotten lost in the weekend shuffle: after a week of in-depth reporting on those still struggling in Pender County after Hurricane Florence, the county issued a huffy defense, claiming they weren’t to blame for residents’ woes, and saying some might be “confused” about the county’s role in recovery. READ MORE

Pender County officials deny responsibility for trailer, building permit delays three months after Florence

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