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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Leland continues path of annexation, aims to extend sewer service on Highway 17

As Leland looks to expand its tax base, land in the southeastern portion of Highway 17 could be annexed into the town's municipal limits.

This 17.18-acre tract on Hazels Branch Road could be annexed by the town of Leland. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna Ferebee)
This 17.18-acre tract on Hazels Branch Road could be annexed by the town of Leland. (Port City Daily photo/Johanna Ferebee)

LELAND — Leland has its sights set on Highway 17; just this summer, the town has moved to annex three separate properties along the highway corridor into its town limits.

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Though Leland currently has incorporated land on either side of Highway 17, its town limits are a bit jagged. With at least 10 satellite town districts, Leland is growing wherever property owners are willing to voluntarily annex themselves.

Moving down the highway corridor is a pattern the town has identified as land it wants to incorporate — and it is willing to pay for infrastructure services that would make annexation attractive.

In June, the town initiated a $303,500 contract with the engineering firm WithersRavenal to design sewer services, extending along Highway 17. A sewer force main may be extended to the Hazels Branch Road area, where two lift stations are being designed.

The plans include a construction date beginning early next year, with an estimated completion date of March 2019. Upon completion, the town would have the ability to provide sewer services that extend toward its southwestern municipal limits.

Extended service in the area could incentivize property owners to opt into annexation. In the town’s $303,500 budget amendment request for sewer design services, future properties that wish to be annexed are included as potential customers.

Since June, the town has looked into annexing three parcels near the Highway 17: One of those parcels would be a satellite — a 17.18-acre tract on Hazels Branch Road.

Two other parcels are contiguous to existing limits. A .84-acre parcel owned by Lidl U.S. Operations, LLC was successfully annexed last month during a regular town council meeting.

However, the parcel that the Lidl Store was proposed to sit on, was not. At the meeting, Gary Vidmar, Leland’s economic and community development director, stated the grocery store owners probably weren’t interested in paying higher taxes.

During Leland’s upcoming Council meeting, Council will look into a petition to annex 57.6 acres adjacent to Brunswick Forest.

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