Wednesday, July 24, 2024

‘Beats and a beer’ – A deeper look at this week’s stories

Every week, Port City Daily Assistant Editor Ben Schachtman joins 98.3 The Penguin’s Beau Gunn to take a look at the top stories of the week. The half-hour “Beats and a Beer” segment airs Fridays at 4 p.m.

This week, we recapped some controversial stories – including school redistricting and a proposal forwarded by Mayor Bill Saffo and Councilman Charlie Rivenbark – and some happier news about a new bacon-and-beer-themed event coming to Carolina Beach.

We also take a deeper look at the unfolding scandal at Isaac Bear school, where teacher Michael Earl Kelly has been arrested on child pornography. We discuss the importance of calls and emails we’ve received with information about the case, and why local news really is a two-way street.

And, on the lighter side, we learn all the things Schachtman didn’t know about recycling — a situation remedied by Johanna Ferebee’s recent article.

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