Monday, July 22, 2024

Cape Fear Community College puts federal audit to rest

WILMINGTON — The Department of Education’s final program review of Cape Fear Community College has been completed.

Earlier in the summer, the Department of Education (DOE) found four main issues:

  • Failure to perform return to Title IV (student aid) for unofficial withdrawals
  • Inaccurate enrollment reporting to the National Student Loan Data System
  • Failure to document entrance and exit counseling for student loans
  • Students failed to register for selective service (military draft)

After CFCC’s initial response to the audit, the DOE now considers all but the first issue to be resolved and considered.

The issue of Title IV student aid was the only finding by the Department of Education with a final determination, requiring action by CFCC.

According to an email from Rachel Nadeau, spokeswoman for CFCC: “The College identified 137 students between the years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 who had unofficially withdrawn prior to the 60 percent point in the semester and thus should have had their financial aid account adjusted. The College was required to notify these students, adjust their accounts, send copies of the letters and the account summary to the Department of Education, and once the above was completed to process payment for the liability. All required actions have been completed and payment is being processed.”

The DOE initially calculated CFCC’s liability at $78,560, but adjusted the amount to $77,605 for its final finding.

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