Thursday, July 25, 2024

British citizen pleads guilty to trafficking meth in Brunswick County

Tristan James Campbell Mardall
Tristan James Campbell Mardall

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — A British citizen will serve more than four years in prison after pleading guilty to trafficking charges on Monday.

Tristan James Campbell Mardall, 48, a United States resident and citizen of the United Kingdom, pleaded guilty in Brunswick County Superior Court to one count of trafficking in methamphetamine, according to District Attorney Jon David.

Mardall was arrested following a traffic stop in May 2016. An investigation by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcment Unit accused Mardall of trafficking between 200 and 400 grams of meth.

Superior Court Judge Gregory Bell sentenced Mardall to 50-72 months in the North Carolina Department of Corrections. At the time of his sentencing, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had a detainer placed on Mardall. He has a prior conviction for possession of methamphetamine in Illinois from 2006.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Thomas prosecuted the case for the state. Attorney Michael R. Ramos represented Mardall in the case.

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